The Almighty group is a special purpose vehicle set up by The Almighty, Angels and the Illuminati on June 18, 2020, to establish a New God Order on Earth, by reconciling present-day Humans with the Angels and the Illuminati, in order to end all conflicts, especially World War 3 and the Armageddon.
The group is represented on Earth by the new religious movement known as World Evolution Mission, whose members are called Peace Keepers of the Universe. The movement was established after the warring Angels called a Ceasefire and ended their conflict on December 25, 2018.

Peace Keepers of the Universe
Motto: “Truth is no religion; Truth is catholic”

To set up a “New God Order”, whereby The Almighty shall take over and govern the Earth directly from Heaven.

To unite the creation with the Creator, through the substitution of Negative Energy with the Supreme, Positive Energy of The Almighty, and by helping the people of the world communicate directly with GOD.

Goals and Objectives:
To raise the consciousness of Humans to a level where they shall be able to experience their environment through the SPIRIT – that inner self which is more dynamic, and ever ready to connect to the Supreme vibration of The Almighty.

To impart the KNOWLEDGE OF IMMORTALITY by simplifying complex spiritual methods and codes.
To lead the political transformation of Earth where governments shall no more hide the presence of extraterrestrial forces on Earth; and are actively involved in unveiling the New Heaven – the (yet hidden) planet from where The Almighty shall establish a new government for the Earth and the Universe.
To entrench Universal Brotherhood of equality, fairness and justice; where there shall be no discrimination based on race, creed, sex, class or colour.
To unravel the hidden mysteries of the Universe as guided by The Almighty.
To illuminate the minds of Humans by unveiling every unexplained phenomenon through the dissemination of divine knowledge.
To serve as the Earth-based institution for the evacuation of Humans from Dimension 5 to Dimension 7.
To serve as the administrative umpire in the development of Dimension 8.

Initiations and Rites:
BAPTISM to wash and disconnect from the self-destructive soul energy rigged on Earth by Angels during the War; and then establish a direct link to the Supreme Energy of The Almighty.
MARRIAGE to one’s spirit spouse in order to secure a partnership in the reestablishment of the Divine Family structure as ordained by The Almighty.
MISSION CONSECRATION to commission a Peace Keeper into his/her mission field in any destined spheres of operation – politics, religion, family, education, finance.