Every religion on Earth requires blood to draw power from the Spirit Realm. The Angels made it so. It started when they decided that Humans should be shut off from our own soul body. Pursuant to this, the first Animal Sacrifice was done by Noah after the Flood (Genesis 8:20). From that day onwards, enmity was put between Humans and animals - because we needed to use them for blood sacrifice.
After that, Angels even demanded more than animal sacrifice. Humans were offered to them for access into the Spirit Realm, which is where power is obtained. This is why it is said that Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God for a special sacrifice to end all sacrifices. However, Jesus death did not end the Angels' requirement for blood. People still spill blood for spiritual access to power. Most people do it in hiding.

This is why it is important to clearly explain the zero-blood power base of the World Evolution Movement. This mission does not require any blood for access to the Spirit Realm and the power therein!
No blood in whatever form is necessary, because the Holy Spirit finished the work when She ended the Angel Wars. Right from 2015 when She descended from Dimension 1, the home of The Almighty, to 2018 when the Ceasefire was called, She spilt Her own blood in the three Dimensions of the Angels for three years. She suffered humiliation, pain, deaths and resurrections, among these fallen ones, before She bought the Salvation that the Universe began to enjoy from December 25, 2018!

So, in the Spirit Realm, it is known that there is nomore requirement of any blood from any Human for access and power. The Almighty has finished the work, once and for all, for everyone - Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Agnostic, Atheist, etc.
For the avoidance of doubt, everybody is a partaker in the sacrifice of The Almighty. The whole world is redeemed, and covered by the BLOOD OF GOD!