I answered an altar call to become born-again, led by an itinerant preacher inside a commuter bus. Being of the Roman Catholic family, I joined the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement at the Holy Ghost Cathedral Parish, Enugu, in 1991. But because I still felt a void within me, I began “fellowshipping” with the Pentecostal Movement, in my school at the College of the Immaculate Conception, Enugu. From there, I became an active member of the now defunct Gospel Youth Ministries.

However, during my undergraduate years at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, I found myself yearning for a definite direction in my spiritual journey. On a cool afternoon in December, 1997, The Almighty visited me in my room. For the very first time in my life, I heard Him speak to me. It was the call that changed the course of my life. Through an audible voice, The Lord clearly told me that He had a mission for me!
Since that day, up till this very moment, I have been hearing from Him, as He directs me step by step through an exciting, but difficult, supernatural experience. My spiritual journey took me through a number of religious experiences – Catholicism, Pentecostalism, Islam, Mysticism, and eventually the founding of my own new religious movement, World Evolution Mission (Peace Keepers of the Universe).

One of the aims of the Mission is to unveil the hidden truths about the Universe as they have been revealed by The Almighty to the founder: My humble self. That is why we are The Almighty group. He is our Messiah, and the name we call upon in order to get supernatural answers and interventions.
Spiritual truths are scarce because they have been hidden from Humans by the powers that rule this present world. However, because we are now in the end-time, Peace Keepers of the Universe are privileged to know the previously hidden truths about the universe and the Human condition.
These truths were hidden from people on Earth because the Angels who guided our evolution were in a state of War for millions of years. But on December 25, 2018, The Almighty and the Holy Spirit intervened in their war, and they reached a Ceasefire. We are the Humans chosen to work with these supernatural beings to “domesticate” the new peaceful paradigm in our own material realm on Earth. The Almighty group is our channel for communicating these realities to the world.

Anybody that has been following happenings in the world would easily notice that we live in the last days, as predicted by many religious books throughout history. There are violence and wars in many places. There are strange phenomena in diverse corners of the Earth. There is climate change, which threatens to shut down our ecosystem without warning. The oceans are rising rapidly, and the carbon in the atmosphere is getting thicker by the day as a result of activities of Humans living on planet Earth.
It is, however, understandable that critics and empirical thinkers could continuously argue that we have always lived in “end-times”, in order to wave away such signs of the end as normal everyday occurrences. These class of humans are the ones who deny the existence of God, or gods; and will not hesitate to express their disdain for the supernatural, or any unexplained phenomenon.

They see the religious as misguided, and the signs of the end as figments of the imagination of the religious mind. They believe that the destiny of Earth is in our own hands.
Nothing can be further from the truth. Any narrative excluding the supernatural is one-sided, at best. Trying to run away from the other – unseen – side of reality can only lead to further existential conundrum. Perhaps, if the religious, who is supposed to see the other side, told the whole story, the doubters may believe. But the problem lies in the fact that the religious narrative is more confusing than the material tale.
Therefore, it now seems as if the material-minded maintains a stance of denial in order not to be sucked into the murky waters of the supernatural. In order to remain sane, one is constrained to deny the unseen side of things, thereby losing the true picture of reality.
For the religious, in their effort to convince themselves that theirs is the authentic story, they have missed the major point, if not the whole point. Unluckily, the part they have missed is the one that holds the solution to the entire puzzle of life. No surprise, then, this is the piece that the unseen rulers of the world have invested enormous resources to hide. These rulers are the same forces who have brought religion to Humankind.

Ironically, this is the part that determines everything. What is the part I am talking about? It is the hidden part where the Angels we read about in every religious book given to Humans, is revealed for who they really are: Our co-tenants in the Universe.
It is the part that would, invariably, read like science fiction. The part that would make everything seem as if the supernatural world is exactly like this material world, in every sense of the word. There is politics, there is hate, there is acrimony, there is envy, there is deception, there is fear, and there is faith. And most importantly, there is GOD, The Almighty, who oversees the whole game.
One thing is clear, it is only in this part that you can find the truth. But the problem is that these Angels have so hidden the truth, for hundreds of millions of years, that it would only take a special power to understand it. For, if not for the power of GOD, the Human can hold the truth in his hand for decades without recognizing it; and can happily embrace the Lie and believe it to be the Truth in a matter of seconds.
To be sure, the Angels have succeeded in hiding the real situation of things that the world now runs like a computer-generated programme, with a self-destruct protocol to be automatically activated by anyone who discovers the Truth.

Therefore, it is with a deep sense of humility that I present myself before you, as the one who, by the favour of The Almighty, was entrusted with the Truth. However, I must mention that in my journey to the top of the Pyramid of Truth, I came face to face with Death. And I lived. The self-destruct protocol that guards and guides every spiritual quest on Earth was activated for me, time and time again, but GOD who chose me, made me come out from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix.
Through The Almighty group, I will tell you exactly what I know, which is the truth, and then leave you to judge by yourself whether what you read is actually the truth. This is because nobody can explain the truth or try to convince another as to the genuineness of its essence.
The truth has its own life. It lives. It speaks. It has its own energy. It moves mountains. It is an extension of the power of GOD. Once you reveal it, your job is done. It is now left for The Almighty to validate His own truth. The Universe was built on it. But because Truth was replaced by the Lie, the Universe was about to collapse. Hence, the truth comes to restore all things.
And now that the truth is here, our dear world will survive. Peace comes from opening the truth, so that every wound can heal. Thus, before us lies the possibility for everlasting peace. This is the New God Order.

The truth of the matter is that the world is headed to assured self-destruction as already predicted in the book of Revelation and other eschatological texts of other religions. But The Almighty has intervened in order to save the earth from annihilation and self-destruction.
Indeed, our Lord is in a hurry to start this new work of redemption. The world is also impatiently waiting for the manifestation of the Supreme energy of God, without which the corruption that envelopes this present Human civilization can never dissipate. However, He can only do it through the agency of Human beings. This is my mission.
In my other life, I am known as Greg Odogwu, an environmentalist and journalist. I maintain a weekly column in the Nigerian newspaper, The PUNCH. I have worked as an editor, publisher, politician, publicist, entrepreneur, a Christian (Pentecostal) pastor, evangelist and missionary.