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The Angels look exactly like Humans. They were created in the same races, colours, classes, and temperaments as we were created. However, they began their existence at the Spirit body stage, which is the perfect state in a perfect world – Heaven. Humans were created before them but were preserved in a storage limbo while the Angels began to consciously exist. The storage system for Humans created by God is like a massive laboratory of test tubes with each Human’s DNA pack preserved in three modifications: Spirit, Body and Soul.
After the Humans were created in DNA packs, the Angels were each extracted from the individual Human’s DNA pack. This means that for every male Human DNA pack, a female Angel was extracted from it; and for every female Human DNA pack, a male Angel was extracted from it.

The process of splitting the DNA pack of Humans to create a twin pack of Angels can be described in the popular metaphorical rendering, “taking the rib from the man to form the woman”. In this sense, Human is the man (first to be created) while Angel is the woman (second to be created).
The Angels live like us, in family structures and organized communities with laws and values. They deploy technologies to facilitate their existence; and they depend on innovative amenities to make their lives comfortable and meaningful, the same way we do.
For mobility, they also use vehicles. When Humans see these vehicles in our Carnal world, these means of transportation are called Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) or flying saucers. In the early stage of the Human civilization, Humans did not understand them, so the people that existed on Earth in those times called them clouds of God, and worshiped as gods, those who rode on “the throne of God” to visit the Earth.
Unlike what many Humans usually assume, though Angels have the added ability to fly because of their wings, they are not just flying bird-like creatures without a “brain”. Humans, too can fly, when we become conscious of ourselves in the soul world. In other words, in the Carnal World we cannot fly, but in the Soul World we can fly. We, too, have wings.
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Nevertheless, the impression of a winged Angel is also part of the charade pulled by the Angels to bamboozle (carnal) Humans and keep these ignorant ones rooted in their religious perspective of creation. The truth is that Angels live in an orderly society similar to our own world. They have a government. They have homes. They have spouses. They have vehicles. And sometimes, as part of a larger plan of intimidating Humans into perpetual wonderment, their vehicles make incursions into our own material Dimension.
There had been no period in our Human history that could be compared to the Biblical times, in terms of the stupefaction of Earthmen by UFOs and their Angelic occupants. The story of the Jewish race led out of captivity from Egypt by the Yahweh Angels has become an extraordinary legend never to be matched by any other ethnic tale in history.

The Bible recorded how the Israelite were led by a “pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night”. The Red Sea was parted by invisible forces from God. They were also given ‘manna’ as food in the desert. And, when Moses, their leader and Prophet, went up into the mountains to get the Tablets of Ten Commandments and other Laws from God, he saw “the backside of The Lord”. Again, when he came down and God wanted to visit his people, The Almighty appeared in thunders and lightning, and in a cloud that exuded fire and deadly rays. Everyone was warned not to even try to come close, as the energy “from the presence of God” could literally fry you.
Not forgetting how Jericho, a great and mighty race of organized Humans in a walled and heavily defended city, were totally subdued by invisible forces that “pressed down” their walls into the ground as the crude crowd of weary Israelite matched round the heavily fortified city seven times, as directed by their God.
The truth of the matter is that Angels, then and now, intervene in the affairs of Humans on Earth through indirect means like using unseen Spiritical energy; and also through direct means like in the case of using visible UFOs. It was much more common in the olden days of Human Earthly civilization, when lack of sophistication in science and technology made Humans oblivious of the fact that they were actually looking at Angelic vehicles from the Soul World – in other Dimensions – instead of some glorious “clouds of God”.
In ancient Greece, when the Macedonian warrior known as Alexander the Great, was on his historic globe-conquering campaign, he was forced not to cross the Indus River by “flying pan-like shining objects” that suddenly came out of nowhere. Alexander’s generals were convinced that the UFOs were from the gods, and they refused to cross the river into India for a pre-planned military attack.
Now, what actually occurred was that, just as the Greek generals feared, the Indian (Pleiadian) Angels came to shield their Human subjects from the domination of the (Anunnaki) Greeks. Bearing in mind that Humans have always been in a proxy war for the Angels, it is not difficult to understand that the actual war was between the Pleiadian Angels of India and the Anunnaki Angels of Greece.
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The Pleiadians were aware that if left in the hands of their Indian Humans, the victory would go to the Greeks who were more equipped and under a determined commander. So, they decided to intervene. In doing this, they had risked sparking off an Angelic turf war between the Anunnakis and the Pleiadians, but for reasons best known to them, the Anunnaki Angels did not bother to effect a counterattack with their own UFOs.
In the case of Israel, the Yahweh Angels that raised the nation came full force to Earth to enthrone their own proxy government. They went all out against the Anunnaki Angels of the Egyptian kingdom. The pillars of cloud and fire were UFOs on patrol behind and ahead of the trudging Israelite, as the situation required. From the UFOs, the Angels even made audible broadcasts to the people in order to assure them of the “presence of God”. At the Red Sea, the Angels used their anti-gravity force field to dry up the middle of the sea for them to pass, but withdrew the energy when the Egyptian soldiers entered the water. The Israelite came out on the other side, while the Egyptians drowned.
The commander of the Yahweh Angels then met Moses on the mountain to give him everything he needed to start a new religion on Earth based on the signs and wonders they had already displayed before Humans. That religion – Judaism – became the foundation of uncountable world religions and spiritual movements of today. Most significantly, it set the pace for the coming of Jesus Christ, who would also encounter UFOs on a number of occasions.

In one particular occasion, a UFO with a blinding beam of light brought back the undead prophets Elijah and Moses. A voice from a UFO also announced him to his own people after his baptism. And much later, after his resurrection, he was taken by a UFO (“in a cloud”) out of the Earth to live with the Yahweh Angels who had guided his Earthly mission from the Soul world.
The so-called aliens are just biological robots. The Angels made robotic beings to help them in their everyday work and daily affair, just as Humans in the contemporary world have manufactured machines and robots to also serve us. However, due to the use of Spiriticity, the robotic beings produced by Angels are far more advanced than the kind of robots and androids that we could, yet, manufacture. The Angel-made robots could either be biological or bionic, depending on the function. And, just like in the case of UFOs, when we see these robotic entities, we call them aliens or extraterrestrial (human) beings.
The Angels send these so-called aliens on assignments to Earth in their UFOs. These beings are so advanced that they communicate through telepathy. They are also extremely intelligent. They are single-minded slaves to the Angels that send them, so they are functionally extensions of the Angels that they represent in the Soul and the Carnal worlds.

The major difference between these aliens and Humans is that the aliens and Angel-created robots do not have souls. That is, they were not created ab initio by the Almighty God. In other words, their DNA blueprint is not in the Storage Box of The Almighty either in the Spirit World or the Soul World. While Humans are eternal beings, these aliens have expiry dates just like any other man-made product on a manufacturer’s shelf.

The singular task of the aliens is to accomplish the mission of the Angels that sent them. They operate based on a programmed protocol. They are never distracted and they never deviate from their assignment. They have no emotions. During the War of Angels, these robots and humanoids were often used in missions because they were more strategic in terms of cost and military tactical considerations. It is just the same way we use drones in modern day warfare.