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Human beings were created to exist in the three states of being: Carnal Body, Soul Body and Spirit Body. These different states also exist in three separate energy structures: Electricity, Spiriticity and Supremicity, respectively.

The implication of this truth is that we can live in three different (body) forms at the same time. Here on Earth, we use our Carnal Body, which is powered by Electricity. However, we also experience our life in the Soul Body, which we become aware of through dreams, visions, astral projections, metaphysical consciousness and out-of-body experiences.
The carnal body is the part that contains the mind, which harbors the freewill, to make decisions and choose between good and evil, right and wrong. Being the driving seat of the whole individual, it works according to the information it retains in the mind from experience and study, and takes informed decisions on matters that concern the entire entity. It also thinks and creates. Importantly, it was created to be neutral – being neither good nor bad, but rational.

The soul body is the part that has capacity for evil. This hosts all the negative drive of the person. The spirit body is the part that has ability to do good. The moral compass of the individual is resident in this part of the being.
The best illustration for the states of creation from our human experience is the three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. When water, for instance, is in a liquid state, it retains its entire individuality. On its right is the choice to change to solid, and on its left is another choice to go into the gaseous state. However, in all these three states, it still retains its essence as water; but the functions and adaptability differ according to each particular state.
In this sense, God, Human and Angel are like water. When in the carnal body, they are in a liquid state: their most natural form, knowing good and evil, and balancing and manipulating their perception of reality. This is the most important aspect of creation. Its major power is in intellectual command, because this is what is needed to control the other states of being.
The carnal body is the control tower of creation. This is the component The Almighty created for the understanding of reality. What one cannot know in this state, can never be comprehended in any other state. The ignorance in the carnal body is automatically the ignorance in the soul, and the spirit.

As Humans, this is our current evolutionary status. The carnal body lives in the balancing of existential duality. It has ability to feel pain and joy; love and hate; life and death; corruption and in-corruption; sanity and insanity; high and low, etc.
The next state of being is the soul body. Still drawing on the water analogy: When in the soul body, we are in our solid state: frozen, and knowing only evil. Without the carnal body to guide it, the soul is given to evil, because it was formed as the creative compass to sail towards the negative.
The soul body is that part of our being that wizards, witches and other metaphysical manipulators adopt when they tune into the supernatural, usually during the daily rest time of the carnal body, generally between 12midnight and 3am.

Those who have been misguided by their Angel guides to transform into their soul state in order to wreak havoc on the Earth plane can testify that in that state, they are very comfortable with evil, no matter the crudity. The truth is that at that state, they have become the epitome of evil because that is what the soul was created to be in the absence of the cognitive willpower supplied by the carnal body.
In many parts of the world, people have found themselves changing into werewolves and other cryptozoological beings at certain times of the lunar movements. These other-bodily beings become uncontrollably evil as if they are no longer under the control of the individual whose carnal body they have taken over.

Another case is that of the popular fictional story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde written during the 19th Century by the famous writer R.L. Stevenson, in which a gentle doctor suddenly morphs into a savage brute. When in the state of normality, the doctor is reasonable, discerning and clear minded; but when he drinks the potion he invented for that purpose, he suddenly transforms into a hideous citizen who knows nothing other than wickedness.
In both cases mentioned above, the individual has gone into a state totally controlled by the soul body. It is in this reason that the religious and the devout of this world have attested to being in a perpetual battle with an evil force within themselves, or inside their bodies. This truth can be seen, for instance, in the complaints of Paul the Evangelist, in the Biblical New Testament:
For that which I do, I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. if then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good. Now then it is no more I that do it, but SIN THAT DWELLETH IN ME. For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not. For the good that I would, I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but SIN THAT DWELLETH IN ME. I find then a law, that, when I would do good, EVIL IS PRESENT WITH ME.
ROMANS 7: 15 – 21
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Paul, in the above passage, wonders why whenever he tried to do good, he finds another law WITHIN HIS BODY which tends to be only interested in doing evil. He mentioned that even with his knowledge of the laws of God, he still could not get the inner strength to go after obeying the laws, because of the inherent evil pull (second personality) resident in his members. That is why he went ahead to rejoice that his knowing Christ and Redemption had made him to be able FIGHT the evil entity within him.
Thus, the evil (personality) in the Human is the soul body. However, The Almighty and the Angels have perfect control over this aspect of their being, because it is just like a garment they can put on or put off at will. They can move seamlessly and consciously from the carnal body, to the soul body, and to the spirit body, as they wish.

But because humans are still existing only in the carnal state, we are just controlling only the Electrical carnal body, and are at the mercy of the Spiritical soul body. This is why every religion and moral code on Earth was created to suppress this part of us. The efficacy and power of any world religion is in its POWER OF TRANSFORMATION: that is, being able to empower the carnal body enough to suppress the “evil soul body”, in order to give the “righteous spirit body” expression and dominance of the Human.
In the case of Paul, formerly named Saul, his encounter with Jesus Christ gave him that power. And he was intelligent and astute enough to clearly understand what was happening to his being. He became so glad about his new state of consciousness that he became the most dedicated apostle of his time. He knew what his experienced because he was aware of the displacement that took place within his own members.

The next state of being is the spirit body. When we are in the spirit body, it can be compared to water’s gas state: the most adaptive, most fluid and benign, knowing only good. This is what Earthmen could refer to as the righteous state. In the spirit lives the conscience, the moral director that always seeks to nudge us towards good and honorable deeds.
The spirit state is the perfect body. It was created to be blameless, guileless and guiltless. In the same vein, the power entrusted in this state – Supremicity – is of the highest vibration among the three dimensions of creation’s structure. This is where The Almighty controls.
As a further illustration, the electrical terms of negative, positive and neutral (or Earth) conduits could be borrowed to explain the inter-work of the three states of creation. The neutral wire is the carnal body; it does not have any charge. The negative wire is the soul; it has the negative charge. The positive wire is the spirit, which carries the current.
The positive wire is live with the killing force of electricity which promises instant death for anyone who trespasses. This is same with the spirit realm. It is a consuming fire. And this is the home of The Almighty.

Another way to understand the work of The Almighty is to view it through the vocabularies we are very conversant with as Earth-men: heaven and hell. The three states of creation can be described as Earth, Hell and Heaven, because it is within the realms of these realities that the energies that define the states find expression and meaning.
On Earth, everything we know and use revolve around Electricity, the core energy with which Earth-men function. Very near to Earth on the right side is Hell, because this is the soul realm, where only evil is known. The soul realm uses Spiriticity to function. On the Earth’s left is Heaven, because this is the spirit realm, where only good is known. The spirit realm uses Supremicity to function.

However, no creature can function in any of the states of being without first of all acquiring the energy form in itself. In other words, the state of being is dormant until it is activated. The creature can have nudges from that body – the carnal, the soul or the spirit – but there can be no conscious use of the body until it is activated. At the completion of the conscious activation of the three bodies, the individual becomes like The Almighty, a complete being.
The Almighty created Humans and Angels to be processed through the three states, after which they would become complete, just like their makers. It is this process that we refer to as World Evolution. As Humans living on Earth, we were on the (dual) first and second stages of this process of energy acquisition. Dual evolution, in the sense that we live both in the carnal stage and the soul stage at the same time. While we are awake, it is Carnal Stage; while asleep or in spiritual consciousness, it is the Soul Stage. Our guides are the Angel guides that have been with us from the very moment we came into this world, to teach and direct us.

The New God Order has now come as the Third Stage in our evolution. We shall be able to acquire and activate our Spirit Body, and learn how to live and control its energy: Supremicity. The energy for righteousness; the power of GOD. At this stage we shall experience all the good things of life. We shall live with our neighbors in peace and harmony. We shall be free of greed, envy, lust, anger, and death. Most importantly, we shall see The Almighty GOD.