The Illuminati Unveiled / Citizen Smith

The Almighty just released the true information about the Illuminati. These were Humans that lived on Earth during the first world, created 66 million years ago. They are the same people described as "sons of God" in Genesis 6:2. They are also called "watchers" or "Gregorio" in Latin.
The truth is that they hated the Angels because Angels made them destroy their world. The Illuminati destroyed their own world because of their conflicts, which were caused by the Angels that guided their evolution, the same way Angels are now guiding our present world into World War! The Illuminati planned to forcefully set up a New World Order in order to take our world out of the control of Angels who deceived us with false religious teachings. But now The Almighty has made peace between the Angels and the Illuminati, and set up a new system: New God Order! Peace Supreme!!