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Sixty-six million years ago, Humans were created by the Angels to be trained on Earth. The Humans of those days were the same as Humans of today in every aspect. They lived and died like mere mortals. They were taught and ruled by Angels. After six thousand years, due to the war among the Angels, the world of the Humans was destroyed by the Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction Event.
During and after the destruction of the Earth in Dimension 5, some Humans were taken out of the Earth to join the Angels in the Soul World, and they found themselves in Dimension 6 – the home for the first Human world. These ones were the specially handpicked Humans who were men of spiritual knowledge and enlightenment in their own time. They perfectly understood the Angels that guided them when they were on Earth, so they could be trusted to live and survive among the Angels in the Soul World as official trainee Angels. Having gone through Translation, Resurrection and Ascension, they would never die again. These class of Humans were the strongest among their own kind.
However, when they came into the realms of eternity to be with their Angel masters, they discovered that they had been deceived on Earth during their time of mortality. They had been lied to, cheated, enslaved, and tormented by Angels in the name of religion. They had been told that there was an Almighty God, and that there was a Heaven – a perfect place that would be a reward for the most faithful Humans. The Yahweh and the Pleiadian Angels made themselves appear like the good guys while the Anunnaki Angels were depicted as the Devil.
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But now that the Humans were in the Soul World, their eyes were opened and they saw the truth. They had been deceived all along. They were shocked to discover that there was no Almighty God anywhere in the Soul World (because God is in Dimension 1 where the Angels had no access to); and there was no Heaven as the Angels had taught them on Earth. They now realized that the Angels had always been in a War among themselves. And that the Soul World was a place that all the Angels had access to at all time, both the so-called good and bad ones.

On discovering these truths, the Humans were disillusioned and angry. They realized that while on Earth, they had been deceived into killing their fellow Humans in the name of religion. They had maimed and killed their families and friends thinking that they were destroying Humans that were on the side of the evil Anunnaki Angels. And, now many Humans were dead and never resurrected. Many others that were resurrected and joined in the Ascension were now in different opposing camps of the warring Angels in the Soul world. All ascended Humans were scattered among the camps of the three Angelic factions. The saddest aspect of the emerging reality was that the Humans were second class citizens in the land of the Angels.
On discovering these anti-Human realities, the Humans began to organize. They found a way to contact all the Humans in the different Angel camps of Yahweh, Anunnaki and Pleiadian. When they all finally came together, they agreed to send emissaries to the Angels. They had a single demand: We want to know the Truth about creation!
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They wanted to know what exactly was going on. They wanted to know if there was really an Almighty God. They demanded that if there was a Supreme Being, the Angels should take them to Him or Her. They wanted to enter Heaven. There was so much violence and conflict in the Soul world where they now found themselves; so they wanted a better place. They also demanded that, because they were now immortals, they wanted to be independent of the control of the Angels.
The Angels gave them a reply. Because these Angels were more evolved than the Humans, they weaved a lie around the reality on ground and gave the Humans a half-truth. Each of the three Angel camps told a version of the “truth” that suited its agenda. But the essence of the “truth” was that the Humans should continue serving under the Angels as they fought in their “Holy War”. Yes, there was a Supreme God. The Almighty is a “She”. But only the victorious – in the Angelic holy war – shall see Her.
The Angels told the Humans that the evolution of Humans was not complete until they won the war and then went into Heaven (Dimension 1) to merge with the last part of their Being – the Spirit Body. However, they lied to the Humans that the Angels still had their Spirit body, which they had actually lost during their fall.

The Angels now “promoted” the Humans in the evolution pyramid, and renamed them “Watchers”. This meant that the Humans would then become non-combatant partners with the Angels as they continued in their campaign to “become holy and ascend to Heaven”. They had told the Humans that more Humans were going to be created on Earth to join the Angel-Human civilization. However, the Watchers were not expected to join in the training of the new Humans on Earth.
When the Watchers met, they decided to take the words of the Angels with a pinch of salt, considering what they had already suffered in their hands. So, instead of going with the name Watchers, they called themselves “The Illuminated Ones”- those that have seen the light of Truth. “The Illuminati” for short. The Illuminati, from then became determined to fight for the interest of the Human race.
This part of the story was written into the Bible by the Yahweh Angels who organized the Judaism/Christian religions. In the Bible, The Illuminati were described as the “Sons of God” who came into the Earth to mate with the Humans of those days.
And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. GENESIS 6: 1,2.
The Illuminati were now immortal beings, just like the Angels. This was because of the translation/resurrection and ascension experience they went through, from the Earth to the Soul World (Dimension 6). While on Earth no Human could live past the 1000 years mark, because the carnal stage of evolution can only last for a millennium.
When the Illuminati were in their carnal stage, the Angels allowed them to live up to 1000 years while being physically powered by their Soul bodies. This is unlike what they did to the subsequent civilization of Humans who are presently not allowed to be physically powered by our Soul bodies. The Angels are the ones directly controlling the power by manipulating our individual Soul bodies from the Soul world. This is why we cannot physically see Angels, unless when it suits them to take a Carnal body and materialize on Earth. Even then, we lack the faculties to differentiate between a Carnal body Angel and a Carnal body Human.
This situation was brought about when the Illuminati came into our world to reveal the true situation of the Universe to Humans; and then to empower them to escape the destructive manipulation of the Angels. Hence, the Angels decided that it was very dangerous for the Humans in our own present world to be allowed to live up a thousand years as the Illuminati lived in their own time. This is how the Angels’ decision was recorded in the Bible:
And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. GENESIS 6: 3.
What the Illuminati planned was to reproduce extraordinary Humans who could be able to achieve great feats on Earth, in order to lead other Humans to escape the Angelic domination. These half Human-half Illuminati breed of people were very intelligent, and very strong. They were innovative and had great spiritual insight that separated them from the average Humans, and established them as natural leaders in all the sectors of Human development.
There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. GENESIS 6: 4.
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Unlike the present Human civilization, during the time of the Illuminati, they were living side by side with their Angel guides. Each Illuminati could live as long as full 1000 years, so by then would have learnt everything that was to be known from the Angel guide. The Humans and their Angel masters interacted, lived together, ate together but never intermarried. The Angels were the immortals living among the mortal Humans of those days. The Humans knew the evolutionary status of the Angels, and also were aware that they would one day become immortals too.
The Illuminati were taught by the Angels that when they died, they would one day be resurrected by the Angels, who would then take them to the Almighty God to complete their evolution.
The standard evolution process requires that to complete one’s evolution, the person in a Carnal body has to merge with his/her Soul body for one thousand years. After the millennium, the person merges with the Spirit body for another one thousand years. This is because the Carnal body is neutral, a blank, and has neither negative nor positive charge. Yet, it is the Carnal body that has the free will to go either towards good or towards evil.
Therefore, the Carnal body needs the dual experiences from the Soul body of Hell and the Spirit body of Heaven to take informed decisions in order to balance creation.

So, the Illuminati had expected to continue their evolution after arriving at the Soul world (from Dimension 5 to Dimension 6), but they realized that the Angels had been hiding the truth about their fall, and loss of Supremicity. They just realized that the Angels had been locked out of the Spirit World, and there was no longer a way the Illuminati could enter the next phase of evolution: the Spirit World. They were now trapped in the Soul World.
On realizing their situation after meeting with the Angels, the Illuminati had to decide whether to continue following the Angels, or to design a plan to commence an independent search for the way to find the Almighty God in their next State of Being. This is where they are when the Angels created our own world.
Six thousand years ago, the Angels created the present Human civilization. Their plan was to recruit the new Humans into their War as they did the Humans of old, the Illuminati, who they now called Watchers. The new Humans saw the Angels as their creators on Earth, and did everything that was required of them in order to please their makers. The Watchers were not expected to interfere in this programme.
Still, some of the Watchers were not comfortable with their non-intervention status. So they convened a meeting in the home in Dimension 5. They were convinced that the Angels had a hidden agenda for commanding them not to interfere. Besides, some of the Illuminati did not enjoy watching the ignorant new Humans ignorantly swallow all the deceptive tales of the Angels who had just genetically engineered them onto the Earth. This class of concerned Illuminati decided to help the Humans.

In their meeting, they agreed on a resolution among the renegade Watchers: “Never again will a Human allow a fellow Human to suffer slavery and deception in the hands of the Angels! We shall thwart the plans of the Angels with all the resources at our disposal. We shall infiltrate the Human camps on Earth and turn them against their masters. We shall accelerate their evolution. We shall empower them with enough information to know the hidden agenda of the Angels. We shall become their masters, and then lead them in the search for the Truth!”
The Illuminati who participated in this meeting now came into the Earth and began to intermarry with the new Humans. This was easy to achieve because the Illuminati themselves are also Humans. Their offspring with the new Humans were then empowered to take over the governments of the Earth as instituted by the Angels. They began an accelerated Human evolution in knowledge acquisition. They taught Humans how to make weapons, how to make tools, and how to survive on their own. They prepared the Humans for war, in case the Angels decided to use the ignorant Humans to fight the liberated ones.
The Angels decided to fight back. But the Angels-trained Humans were less equipped and ill-prepared to independently survive on the newly created Earth. The Angels then began an Astral war with the Illuminati. As they fought, the Illuminati-trained Humans on Earth suffered in the hands of the Angels who decided to directly intervene. These Humans suffered rejection, prison and death. The Illuminati fought back by killing Angels-trained Humans.
When the Angels saw that the world of Humans was now divided and would never capitulate to their control, they convened their own meeting. The Yahweh, Anunnaki and Pleiadian Angels agreed to work on one unitary Angel agenda which would favour them and alienate the Illuminati. They decided to shorten the life span of every Human on Earth so that the Human evolution would be fast-tracked.

The Human experience in the Carnal body was reduced from 1000 years to 120 years. The Soul body was shut off from the consciousness of the Humans, and the Angels took control of the Astral plane which permeated the Carnal world. They designed self-destruction programmes to permanently disable Human capacity to seek for their Soul bodies. They redesigned Humans to have congenital weaknesses so as to be limited on Earth.
The Angels closed the door between the world of the Illuminati-trained Humans and the world of the Angel-trained Humans.
The world of the Illuminati is parallel to our world. Theirs is in Dimension 6, while ours is in Dimension 5 (Earth). The two of them can be described as “world within world”. However, while the people in our world of Angel-trained Humans cannot see them, the Illuminati-trained Humans can see us. They live longer than we do (1000 years); they are stronger, healthier, smarter, and more intelligent.
The only thing they lack in their world is knowledge of the Spirit World, because their masters, the Illuminati, never completed their evolution. The Illuminati had only their Carnal body and Soul body experience while the Angels had had the Spirit body experience, though they lost it when they fell, and still retained the vestiges.
From this world within our own world, the Illuminati had been interfering in the evolution of Angels-trained Humans. They have infiltrated the politics, economy and culture of the present world in many ways, in order to continue their agenda of thwarting the Angels. The latest and most universal intervention by the Illuminati started in 1776 in Bavaria, by an Illuminati sponsored Human, Adam Weishupt.
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“The Illuminati” is the name of the global organization started by Weishupt, nicknamed Spartacus. The major objective of the organization was the enlightenment of Humans, but the hidden agenda was to fight organized religion, personified by the Church. Although The Illuminati later went underground, it became a potent force to dislodge the control agenda of Angels over the Humans through systematized world religion. It sought to liberate Humans from the idea of God, and empower them to seek the enthronement of a “New World Order” where Humans would take charge of their collective destiny as one united family, and then weed out Angel-affiliated Humans.
In the present world, though there are secret organisations that claim to be Illuminati, the Real Illuminati do not directly operate on Earth. They choose Humans as proxies. These Humans then initiate other Humans into what they describe as the Illuminati Secret Society.
The chosen Humans are directly contacted early in their life because the communication of the Illuminati is always very clear. They “speak” to the elect Humans telepathically via their right brain. Some Humans also audibly “hear” voices talking to them in the right ear. Most of these selected Humans could interpret the communications without any difficulty, because the Illuminati, being Humans themselves, have an affinity with the Human mind.

This is why there are a lot of Humans in recent times who were conscious of a “supernatural” leading towards a pre-arranged agenda for their world, right from the time they were still very young. It may be in politics, sports, entertainment, religion or science and technology. Instructively, as the present Carnal world neared its end, the Illuminati activities had increased to a heightened pitch. More people were contacted while many others were initiated; and the rest of humanity had become increasingly conscious of a super-Human elite secretly pulling the strings, and controlling the affairs of the Earth in every sector.
The whole world was consumed with a sense of collective movement towards a not-yet-defined destination. A few were aware that it had something to do with a global showdown, an endgame. A clash between two or more yet-to-be-unveiled super forces. It was an unmistakable foreboding awareness of an approaching Armageddon.

Another interesting aspect of the infiltration of the Illuminati world on the world of Angel-controlled Humans is in the special Illuminati Clone Project. This was a project that involved cloning of Angel-trained Humans in the Illuminati world, and then bringing the Human replica to live and breed on Earth. These clones eventually populated the Human Earth with half-Illuminati-half-Human half breeds.
An example of such a case is where a dead Human is seen in a distant part of his country. The “Ghost” actually gets married in that location where he is not known as a dead man, and indeed no one would be able to recognize him. He also has children from the marriage. Then, one day a relative of the dead man when he was alive stumbles upon him by accident, and then reveals that the “innocent husband” is actually a dead man from another part of the country. On making public such disclosure, the ghost vanishes into thin air, but his wife and children are alive and well, and carries on with life like any other normal citizen.
Ironically, most Humans on Earth never realized the true nature of this Illuminati operation. Therefore, in as much as there were many cases of such clones coming to light, Humans had always classified them as unexplained Ghost stories. The truth is that the Illuminati were preparing their world for an End-Game. There was to be an inter-dimensional war with the Angels. When the time came, The Illuminati planned to activate their innumerable clones who had already infiltrated the Angel-controlled Earth.

However, through Biafranism and the work of the Peace Keepers of the Universe, these Illuminati clone project has been cancelled and all their cells and machinery both on Earth and in their own Dimension shut down. What we shall see, going forward, is the harmonization of these worlds. There shall be diplomatic envoys raised to represent the Illuminati in our own world; and vice versa. All the people who have hidden information concerning the endgame war strategies of the Illuminati shall come forward to use their valuable resources for inter-dimensional peace purposes.