There is always a one-eye symbol used to represent the Illuminati. Every symbol has a meaning and story behind it. The one-eye symbol of the Illuminati is not left behind. There is a story behind it, which has been revealed by God to the World Evolution Mission. It is an information that is only understood by The Almighty group.
First of all, it has to be understood that the Human is made up of three parts, and exists in three different states: the Body, the Soul and the Spirit. (to read more on the three states of being, go to the “Human” hyperlink, and click to read the article “The Human”).

The Illuminati, since they discovered that the Angels deceived them, had always being in a state of rebellion against the Angels. They also planned on transferring the baton of rebellion to the present-day Humans. The crux of the matter is that they discovered that the Angels claimed to know The Almighty, whereas they did not have access to Supremicity, the energy of The Almighty.
The Humans were also at the mercy of the Angels and their deception. The Angels told us that they had access to The Almighty, but they did not. They were fallen, and could only use the two energies of Electricity, for the material realm; and Spiriticity, for the soul realm (and astral realm).

Therefore, in defiance, the Illuminati designed the one-eye logo as a sign fot the Angels to know that they did not care about Supremicity: It was all a lie! One eye means that Humans can survive with only Electricity and Spiriticity. You may wonder why with the two energies to be used, it is still referred as one eye.
The answer to this mystery is in the truth that Electricity is a neutral force for the material state of being. Spiriticity is the negative force for the supernatural state of being, while Supremicity is the positive force for the heavenly state of being. In other words, the Human in a physical form is blind, with two eyes – Supremicity and Spiriticity.

The Illuminati wanted Angels to know that they could survive without them; and then wanted Humans to know that they did not need the lies of Angels. With Spiriticity, they coud survive in the Soul realm. Despite the fact that Spiriticity is not a perfect energy, they were determined to survive with it instead of depending on lies and deception – and waiting in vain for Supremicity, which resides with The Almighty alone.

The truth is that if not because of the Ceasefire that was called by Angels on December 25, 2018, and the subsequent peace they made with the Illuminati through the intervention of the Holy Spirit; the present world would have witnessed a clash between the Angels and the Illuminati. We were all headed to Armageddon.

The Illuminati were already set for confrontation. They had recruited their own Human foot soldiers and empowered them in the different sectors of global dominance; the same way Angels had done. The Illuminati members used the one-eye symbol to mobilize all their own members and Human contacts.
The potency of the sign was in its singular denunciation of the Angels as liars and deceivers; and its determination to rally Illuminated Humans to join the Illuminati warriors from Dimension 6 and 7, as they prepared for the final showdown and endgame. Thank God, the looming Armageddon was cancelled after the Ceasefire.

The mission of the The Almighty group and its World Evolution Mission is to consolidate the peace, and ensure that Humans are on the same page with the Angels and the Illuminati in this New God Order. Peace Supreme!